Vol. 23 No. 18 (Subscribe) (Contact: micah[at] Wednesday, April 26 2017
The Girl in the Bikini & The Hot Angel
Source Newspaper: Lima News
Publication Date: 03.04.59
Genre: Sexy Times, Gimmick, Double Features, Triple Features, & More

The Girl in the Bikini (1952) - The Picture Her Father Tried To Suppress

I have no idea if that tagline is true (I suspect it isn't) but how weird is it that that was apparently a valid thing to say in the 50s? Hey, this dad hates how his daughter has been exploited. But fuck that guy. Come check her out!

Plus The Hot Angel (1958).

From the March 4, 1959 Lima News.

Author: Micah
Post Date: 07.24.12


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