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Seizure, Revolt of Prison Island, & The Invincible Superguy
Source Newspaper: Kingston, Jamaica Daily Gleaner
Publication Date: 05.26.79
Genre: WIP, Kung Fu, Horror

Seizure! (1974) (You Cannot Run From Them You Cannot Hide From Them), Revolt of Prison Island (1972) (Sheís One Chick They Canít LickÖ GET THEM SHE WILL!), & The Invincible Superguy (1977)

What an amazing variety of top-billed genre films, plus an impossibly awesome onslaught of mostly kung-fu fillers, like 18 Riders for Justice, aka 18 Swirling Riders (1980):

In fact, of the second-listed films, it looks like the only non-kung-fu flicks were Ed Asnerís The Wrestler (1974) and Fight for Your Life (1977). I wonder how the latter went over in Jamaica. Iíve read reports about how differently it was received in the US depending on whether it was screened to a predominantly black or predominantly white audienceÖ anyone with their thumb on the pulse of 1970s culture in Jamaica care to weigh in?

IncidentallyÖ Revolt of Prison Island? Thatís the only time Iíve seen that alternate title for The Big Bird Cage.

From the May 26, 1979 Kingston Jamaica Dailey Gleaner.

Author: Micah
Post Date: 02.13.13


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