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Pick-up, The Sister-in-Law, Stepmother, Intimate Playmates, & Swinging Swappers
Source Newspaper: South Mississippi Sun
Publication Date: 02.20.76
Genre: Comedy, Double Features, Triple Features, & More, Drama, Sexy Times

Pick-up (1975) (Get in kid, there’s always room for one more...), The Sister-in-Law (1974) (She kept it all in the family!), & Stepmother (197?)

First off, I'm not entirely sure which Stepmother is being mentioned as the third film as there are (as you might expect) several exploitation (mostly sexploitation) films with that name.

Second off, and more importantly, the main reason I'm running this R-rated ad is so that I can show you this X-rated one for Intimate Playmates (1974) and Swinging Swappers (1973):

Oh man. The second ad promises that the theater would be "cleared after regular feature," but given that all four films were screened at a drive-in, I'm not to sure how seriously that rule was enforced. In any event, I love the story that these two ads tell. Imagine living in a Mississippi city in the 1970s and having the option of watching three R-rated exploitation films at a drive-in, and then being able to stick around for a midnight-starting double feature of X-rated films. At a drive in! Seriously... that's a thing that you could do in the 70s that you could never do today. Fucking "modern progress."

From the February 20, 1976 South Mississippi Sun.

Author: Micah
Post Date: 02.26.13


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